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About Us


Emmanuel Episcopal Church is a broad-minded, open-hearted parish. Our members come from many different countries and backgrounds. Some of us have worshiped in the Episcopal Church our entire lives while many of us were raised in secular homes or in other faith communities. We are an inclusive congregation of the young and not so young, workers in and out of the home, married and singles of all descriptions. We believe God loves everyone. No exceptions.

Emmanuel offers an exciting Christian community that celebrates God’s presence in our worship, learning and fellowship. We serve others with our food pantry, by teaching English as a second language, helping resettle refugees, and providing shelter and meals to the homeless in the winter. 

We invite you to worship with us regularly.  We would be honored to become your church home.

The Episcopal Church is part of a global family of self-governing national and regional churches in 160 countries with 80 million members throughout the world that form the Anglican Communion. We are united with one another in traditions of faith and order as set forth in the Book of Common Prayer, which is part of our shared inheritance from the Church of England.

As Anglicans, we encompass wide-ranging traditions that are Catholic and Protestant, ancient and reformed, progressive and conservative. We believe praying and serving together is more important than sharing identical theological outlooks

We look for the fullness of Christianity

  1. in the Scriptures that lead us to Jesus Christ as our Savior and Lord,
  2. the Creeds as ancient summaries of Christian belief,
  3. the Sacraments as effective means of God’s grace, and
  4. the orders of ministry (laity, deacons, priests, and bishops) by which the church represents Christ in the world.


the Diocese of Virginia, the oldest diocese in the country, 38 counties encompassing most of Virginia north of the James River. We are a community of over 80,000 members in 181 congregations and 420 clergy in communion with our Bishops.  The Right Reverend Shannon Sherwood Johnston is the Bishop of the Diocese. He is assisted by the Right Reverend Ted Gulick (Assisting Bishop). Our diocese serves the world with two conference centers, six schools and eight retirement communities.  it is the home of the world’s largest Anglican seminary (www.vts.eduTo explore more about our diocesan family, go to www.thediocese.net.