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Mental Health


   At some point in our lives we will encounter a person we love and care about who is experiencing emotional pain and has a mental health issue. 


What do you do?     How should you respond?    What would be helpful?    What is not very helpful?


   Emmanuel has gathered together links to Mental Health education and resources.  A program that started in Australia a few years ago called "Mental Health First Aid" developed educational materials for the lay person. The idea is just to help you show a caring presence to someone who is experiencing emotional pain.  These materials will give you some basic information on the following mental health issues:                                                                          


----Depression ----Anxiety----Psychosis----Substance use problems------Eating Disorders----Suicidal thoughts and behaviors -----Non- suicidal self-injurious behaviors-------Panic attacks-----Traumatic events for Adults----Traumatic events for Children

 Explore the links below that are about different mental health issues.  Encourage folks who are suffering and in emotinal pain to seek professional help. Don't try to be a "therapist" just allow Christ love to show through your relationship with this person in pain.

Links to the following:

Mental Health First Aid
National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI) Faith Net
The Episcopal Mental Illness Network
  • Rate your Church
  • Starting a Mental Health Ministry
  • Anglican and Episcopal Resources
  • Ecumenical Mental Health Ministries


National Alliance for the Mentally Ill links:




Harrisonburg-Rockingham County Directory of Mental Health Providers:

1.  Phone listing only: Mental_Health_Directory_-_phone_listing_pages.pdf 

2.  For access to the full Mental Health Directory go to: Mental_Health_Directory-_Harrisonburg_Rockingham.pdf

Mental Health First Aid links:

1.  Eating Disorders:   MHFA_eatdis_guidelines_A4_20131.pdf

2.  Cannabis - marijuana-  mhfa_cannabisguidelines_final.pdf

3.  Drug Abuse-  MHFA_prob_drug_guidelines_A4_20132.pdf

4.  Panic Disorder-   MHFA_panic_guidelines_A4_20122.pdf

5.  Psychosis-    MHFA_psychosis_guidelines_A4_20122.pdf

6.  Self-injury-   MHFA_selfinjury_guidelinesA4_2014_Revised_1.pdf

7.   Suicide-    MHFA_suicide_guidelinesA4_2014_Revised.pdf

8.  Trauma in Adults-  MHFA_TRAUMA_adult_guidelines_A4_20121.pdf

9.  Trauma in Children-  MHFA_TRAUMA_child_guidelines_A4_20121.pdf

10. Depression: https://mhfa.com.au/sites/mhfa.com.au/files/MHFA_depression_guidelines_A4_2012.pdf

National Institute of Mental Health

1.  Don't Leave Childhood Depression Untreated: http://www.fda.gov/downloads/forconsumers/consumerupdates/ucm413390.pdf

2.  Generalized Anxiety Disorder:   NIMH_Generalized_Anxiety_disorder_stats.pdf

3.  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)   post-traumatic-stress-disorder-research-fact-sheet.pdf


1.  Handout on Communication Skills:  Communication_Skills_and_Feeling_Word_Vocabulary.pdf

2.  Handout on Defense Mechanisms:   Defense_Mechanisms_by_Susan_Krauss_Whitbourne.pdfMental_Health_Directory_-_phone_listing_pages.pdf

3.  Handout on Cycle of Violence: .3.  Cycle of Violence

4.  Handout on Power and Control Wheel - Power and Control Wheel

5.  Handout "Joe's Relationship Dynamics"  - Joe's Relationship Dynamics Drawing

6.  Handout "Stop It Now" -  Warning signs of Child Sexual Abuse

Suicide prevention :

1.  Everyone Plays a Role in Suicide Prevention: Turning Strategy into Action



1.  Link to the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Foundation:    http://iocdf.org/

2.  Help for Family Members living with a person who has OCD: http://iocdf.org/expert-opinions/expert-opinion-family-guidelines/

Resources for Mental Health of Children: 

1.   Getting an IEP in VA

2.   Regulations governing Special Education Programs for children with disabilities in VA

3. A Guide to the IEP Process

4.   What is a 504 Plan?

5.  SECTION 504: Keys to Implementation in Virginia’s Schools

Mental Health Treatment for Children:

1.    Children’s Mental Health

2.  Empirically Based Play Intervention For Children

3.   National Institute of Mental Health - Transforming the understanding and treatment of mental illnesses.

Information for parents concerning Advocacy for mental health services for their children:

Parent Information and Advocacy


Talk Therapy:

Resource 1