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Who are your Vestry members?




SENIOR WARDEN: Helen Penrod                  JUNIOR WARDEN: Preston Sudduth

Class of 2018

Class of 2019

Class of 2020

Alysia Davis

Will Ingram

Weldon Bagwell

KT Vaughan

Joe Lynch

Bruce Johnson

Grace Weston-Friday

Lynn Martin

Whitney Sajko

Ann Yager

Helen Penrod

Preston Sudduth




Emmanuel Episcopal Church Areas of Ministry

Emmanuel Episcopal Church Areas of Ministry

Buildings and Grounds- Chair: David Penrod

                                            Committee members: Joe Lynch

Christian Education:


Children  - Chair: Helen Penrod

Staff: Lindsay Davis, Christian Formation Coordinator

Adult - Chair: Bruce Johnson

Committee members: Will Ingram

Fellowship & Parish Activities   – Chair  Lynn Martin

                                           Committee members: Grace Weston Friday

Finance – Chair: Joe Paxton

Lay Ministry –              Chair: Preston Sudduth

                                         Committee members:  KT Vaughan

Stewardship –              Chair: Paul Ackerman

Outreach-                      Chair:  KT Vaughan

Pastoral Care –            Chair: Ann Yager

Welcoming and Communication-

                                        Co-Chair Joe Lynch and

                                        Co-Chair Michael Priester

Youth-                           Staff: Wendy Filler " Youth Groups Coordinator"