We believe that as Christians, it is an honor to serve others, most especially those who have greater needs.


Members at Emmanuel are encouraged to show God’s love and minister to others by:


  • Maintaining a food pantry that provides groceries to hundreds of families

  • Offering shelter and meals to the homeless during the winter months

  • Praying regularly for the oppressed, the friendless, and the needy

  • Visiting the sick and those confined in nursing homes

  • Furnishing Christmas gifts to disadvantaged, daycare children

  • Serving as leaders of community service organizations

  • Providing meeting facilities for other religious and service groups

  • Using discretionary funds to provide emergency financial support to those in need

  • Helping with refugee resettlement and teaching citizenship classes

  • Supporting missions on the Rosebud Indian reservation in South Dakota




We are followers of Jesus, transformed and empowered by God's grace and spirit to proclaim and live: God loves everyone - no exceptions!


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